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About Us | Culture of living

Our home is the place where our existence is told, the place where we live our emotions, the mirror reflecting our creativity, our values and our life.

Care and quality of life also depend on our home. Our needs have to be received by an ambience that is built in harmony with ourselves and with our environment.

When we design and manufacture a window we think of the relation between natural light and ourselves, the well-being we can offer the customers who rely on us to build their house.

We constantly commit ourselves to provide solutions for your house in a healthy and comfortable atmosphere, avoiding useless and harmful energy waste.

One of our principles is manufacturing long-lasting, weathertight framings and products that can resist constant and everyday use.

The “closed plug” manufacturing system guarantees high stability and structural solidity; the handcrafted manufacturing care assures high resistance in comparison with industrial manufacturing systems, with open plug or bearing pins.

Our staff designs self-made tailored solutions according to the needs of the living space, complying the directives on energy saving thanks to the cooperation with Casa Clima, the first Italian agency that deals with energy conservation and building technologies.


Visiting our showroom will allow you to see live
our productions in a functional and contemporary space,
with the help of competent and proactive technicians.