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Doors created especially for you

Customizations in each detail
The quality of each customization is ensured thanks to a laboratory for high functionality in addition to a decade of experience and craftsmanship. This allows you to assemble every detail with meticulous care to get a result that makes each piece unique and perfect. The alterations, if needed, are made ​​with the highest standards due to the high specialization of our staff. In this context, creativity and taste of each one of you can take shape to decorate your home.

Refinement and style

The Mayfair Line is synonymous with style and refinement with solid wood doors with aged and stucco finishes.
The centre panels are made with stabilising materials then hand painted while the locks and hinges are of the same shade as the door.
This line is and balanced and refined and perfectly at home in elegant, traditional and contemporary surroundings. The doors come in white and ivory.

In solid wood

The Petra Line of doors is made from highly prized solid woods with stucco finish and elegant panels. The sophisticated reliefs on each panel are hand crafted in plaster making each door a unique, unrepeatable work of art.
The decorative embellishment harks back to an icon from history. The colours and shades are chosen by the customer and the result is an entirely handmade and tailor-made item.
The Petra Line is truly at home in high class surroundings such as very old buildings that have been or are being refurbished.

Tradition and natural beauty

Tradition and natural beauty are the key to the Provenza Line made from oak and fir.
The key element to this line is the ageing process involved and the man-made faux woodworm finish that is topped off with a coat of a natural material such as oil and resin. Oiling the wood brings out its natural beauty while nourishing it at the same time.
This line is most at home when widely used in refurbished or new homes.

Antique style lacquer finishes

The solid wood Gisele Line offers antique, delicate lacquer finishes with lines of shading.
The Gisele line features very fine gold stripes created today using the same technique as passed down over the ages.
The line comes in light blue and silver or in white with pale grey shading.