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Energy-Efficient Houses | Solutions for environmentally friendly savings

Climate protection concerns us all. The repercussions of climate change can be found all over the world.
Our task is to participate in the defense of the ecosystem, in order to leave a living and splendid planet to the children as it was.

Fausto and Patrizia De Vincenzi


We have been thinking of a perfect, environmentally friendly house for a long time, built to have no environmental impact and brilliant performance.

Our company earned the Class A Quality Certification “CasaClima” for the frame “CLIMA 92”, attesting the outstanding feature of our production; this is an important acknowledgement for our commitment and for the quality of the product we have designed and manufactured.

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Dieffelegno Casaclima
Passive Haus Dieffelegno

The search for innovations, continuous training, collaborations with important technical studies and the experience gained over the years has led us to obtain the prestigious “Passive House Certified Component” certification.


Our LUCE S window reaches the highest thermal transmittance values for the cold-temperate climate.

The “CasaClima” agency and Passive House Institute deals with the protection of environment, supporting the concept of eco-friendly and energy-efficient building, in order to develop a minimum standard of energy saving.

They employ safe and non-toxic materials according to the CasaClima certifications. Our frames allow energy conservation thanks to the high technology of materials and building processes. The high acoustic and thermal insulation allows to cut back expenditures and depreciation allowance. The protection of the environment starts here, it depends on our small gestures and on our choices.

As independent authorities Casaclima and the Passivhaus Institute verify and certify products in relation to their suitability for use in Casa Clima, Passive Houses, NZEB Buildings.

From design to installation

We develop ad hoc projects to guarantee the performance contributions of installation joints and of the products being installed.

We analyze all the functional plans: weatherproof, airtight and thermal-acoustic insulation and mechanical fixing.

The final results depend on a correct design of the window opening a priori and a careful and organized installation on site. We at DieffeLegno take care of the entire design and installation cycle from start to finish, paying close attention to the installation of the counter frames.

Correct installation of the subframe

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Case altamente efficienti
Case altamente efficienti
Case altamente efficienti
Case altamente efficienti