Made to last

Sistema a spina chiusa
The “closed plug” technique is very effective and steadfast

It is created by making a slot in the mullion and a moulded female plug in the transom. It is subsequently assembled, creating a high-resistance junction.
The anchoring of the “closed plug” remains firm and steady thanks to the junction and guarantees the perpendicularity of the building elements.
The use of the “closed plug” technique is also crucial because of the strain the frame is subject to, in particular taking into account the new generation of high-resistance frames that are increasingly employed in contemporary building.
The presence of low-emission, multi-chambered triple glazing glasses with heavy weight and high thickness requires the steadiness and the resistance of the “closed plug” junction system.
The “closed plug” technique assures a physically correct bearing of the vertical elements whose weight rests on the frame, acting like a kind of “shelf” and assuring a long-lasting and perfect resistance of the original shape.
This kind of frame requires longer production time, but it represents tradition and product quality.

Wood essences

We employ a wide range of hand-picked and carefully processed wood essences, to satisfy all kinds of requirements, both technical and aesthetic: every kind of wood features diverse mechanical resistances that need different processing. These materials possess a natural structural conformity, elements that make them weathertight and allow to obtain excellent results.

In order to achieve resistant and long-lasting street doors, shutters and inner doors we suggest the following materials:

• English oak
• Chestnut
• Ash tree
• Iroko
• Teak
• Larch
• Okoumé mahogany
• Italian fir
• Spruce from Val di Fiemme